• Assembly organized by the school is mandatory for all students.
  • Punctuality to school and class is mandatory.
  • School time-tables must be strictly adhered to.
  • Girls are not allowed to perm their hair and wearing of jewelleries, painting of nails and lips are not allowed.
  • Perming of hair and wearing of earrings by boys are prohibited.
  • Only approved uniforms are allowed in school and wrong uniforms worn in school will be confiscated.
  • Drinking of alcohol, smoking, stealing, drug abuse, sexual misconduct and cultism are strictly forbidden.
  • No student must be involved in any form of examination malpractices, fagging, bullying and fighting.
  • Wilful destruction of school property and loss of school property under the care of a student will be penalized.
  • Every student must be registered and must participate in not more than two (2) Clubs in the school.
  • Students should participate in sporting activities.
  • Games are compulsory for all students except those with medical excuse.
  • It is the responsibility of students to keep their classrooms and school premises clean at all times.
  • Loitering is not allowed.
  • Prep is compulsory for all students, example, extra mural lessons.
  • There is freedom of worship for all students. Whenever there is change in religious faith, it must be supported with a letter from the Parent/Guardian.
  • Movement of students outside the school premises without permission of the school authority during school hours is not allowed.
  • No student is allowed to receive visitors into the school without permission from the school authority.
  • Students are not allowed to keep more than N50.00 at a time. Any extra amount should be deposited with the school authority for safe keeping.
  • General inspection will be carried out on weekly basis.
  • Cases of illness during school hours should be reported to the school clinic and after school hours to the Master on duty/Health Master.
  • A healthy staff and student relationship is desirable in order to enhance a positive teaching and learning environment.
  • In consonance with the professional ethics, teachers are not expected to engage in any immoral act r relationship with students.
  • Students should not be seen in the Staffroom/Offices with a teacher at odd hours.
  • Immoral relationships between male and female students will not be tolerated.
  • Any act of disobedience to school authority shall be punished.
  • A student expelled from any school will not be accepted into any FCT school.
  • All students are required to put in a minimum of 75% attendance of school except on medical grounds.
  • Corporal punishment is to be administered only by the Principal.


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